Hello! I am Samantha Onyx Reitnauer.
I graduated from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in May of 2018 with a BFA in Communication Design,
concentrating in Advertising and Graphic design.

I believe I have had a unique design career journey up until this point. Leaving my last job was the best thing I could do for myself at the time, but when it came to the big question of "what next?", that took some considering! I decided to freelance and waitress/bartend while I figure it out, which I believe has made me a better designer! Freelancing taught me the manage projects and time completely on my own. There was no boss telling me what needed done when- it was all me! I needed that discipline! Waitressing and bartending may look like useless when it comes to designing, but I believe it is not! I can work under pressure, handle a variety of people and their personalities, (customers and coworkers) work hard, better time management,
how to be a team player and work well with others, communication, and creativity. 
I may not have your most typical fresh out of college experience, but I can promise you I would work hard and
would be a great addition to your team. The rest of my work history including full time positions, internships, 
and volunteer work can be found on my resume. 
Some fun facts about me, I love the color grey, glitter, and the font Onyx. I enjoy being social with almost anyone and being out and about. Fashion is a big part of my life between my own outfits, lending my clothes to friends and family, shopping, and my Poshmark side hustle. I played chaser for my school's Quidditch team in college- best time ever! Also, I spend way too much time on Pinterest looking at almost anything from clothing, design, and food. I have always wanted to do something in the art field and was so lucky to fall in love with design the way that I did.
What do you do in your free time?
I enjoy socializing with the people I love a care about. Whether it is my family, boyfriend, friends, or co-workers.
I am always ready to go out and so something! However, alone time is important too! 
But I also spend a lot of my time doing freelance, DIY projects or even exploring a new medium!

Are you willing to relocate to outside Lancaster County?
Absolutely. I love Lancaster County, but I have been looking at cows and passing horse and buggies on the road for too long.
I have lived in a small town my whole life and went to college in a small town. I think I actually am a city girl at heart.
I want to see if this is true while I am young and without kids or a husband. So send me off to fun places please, I am ready!
What are your strengths? How about your weaknesses?
My strengths are communication, leadership, copywriting, and conceptual thinking. My weakness is, sometime I get swept up in a big idea and some of the little details fall through. I combat this by forcing myself to spend a few extra moments at the end of every project to double check and make sure everything is the way it needs to be. Also, lists just help me out so much! 
Do you enjoy working alone or in a team?
I enjoy working on teams where ideas get bounced off of each other and people play into one another's strengths.
However, I do feel some parts of a project can be done individually and do enjoy those parts and projects as well. 
How obsessed are you with Pinterest?
Very. I spend too much of my free time on there. I have about 3,400 pins saved. But, all of my projects tend to start on Pinterest,
I always create a board for every project that gets filled with inspiration. 
Is quidditch really a sport? Do you fly on brooms?
Yes, quiddtch is a sport. It's a co-ed, full contact, competitive sport. I love running around and trying to tackle guys twice my size! "Muggle quidditch" follows the rules of the book pretty closely. However, we can't fly but we do run around with brooms.
It is a very interesting sport to watch! Definitely check it out on youtube. 
What is your favorite TV show?
Definitely Grey's Anatomy. The drama and the romance! It is a must see if you haven't watched it. It is one of those shows that
I can watch over and over again all the way through and also will cry over time and time again.
If you are a fan, I am always down to talk about this wonderful show. 
Is your red hair natural?
Sadly, as much as I wish it was, it is not. I am actually a brunette. 
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