Impress Decor is a company that designs and print the paper that gets pressed into laminate. At Impress Decor, I am a digital designer who works on doing color work on on a variety of laminate decors. Due to legality, I can not share any specific custom projects that I worked on since they are in progress. But the website shows examples of the decors that we work on as a company and are in our collection. 
I work with a Photoshop plug in called Inedit to make colorations of decors using the different layers that correspond to the cylinders that get created in the printing process. The website shows a large variety of the decors that we offer. We work with customers to make colorations and designs that fit for exactly what they are looking for. I visited our printing factory in Spain to see the process up close. I think this gives me an advantage as a designer, knowing how professional printing gets done on a large scale. 

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