This is a program that me and my co-worker started.
This is a monthly program is for kids to get out of the house, make something, and also learn! 
First, we had to come up with the name and logo for the club. we started out with "Gardener's in Training" but then after more discussion, we ended on "Seedling Squad". After the name was decided, a logo had to be made. Then the squad members were born. We thought having a relatable group of kids to go on these adventures with. Adventures like, making a bird feeder, gifts for mom & dad, and making wind chimes. 
So along wth creating the looking for this club, we had to do all the logistics on what events to do, how they would work out,
how many kids could attend, and what supplies were needed.
We also came up with extras for the kids, an apron for the first time they attend and a coloring book they could take home
and learn about the squad members. 
Logo & Characters
Poster & Flyer
Coloring Book

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